Yes, we’ve got a secret

It’s the secret to delicious,
authentic Italian Sausage



No. 1


We only use real basil, real garlic and real fennel. A palette of flavor that’s unmistakably Italian.

No. 2


Premium ingredients, perfectly blended, create an unforgettable eating experience.

No. 3


We’ve brought a 450-year old secret from Calabria to your table.

Fresh garlic cloves

No. 01

Authentic flavor starts with only the best ingredients.

Fresh fennel on a brown cutting board

No. 2

Perfect blends of meat and spice come together to
celebrate the history of Italian cuisine.

Perri Hot Italian and Sweet Italian Sausage packaged in a labeled yellow tray.

No. 3

From Calabria To
Your Table

Perri is named for Raphael Perri, an American immigrant to arrived in New Haven, CT in 1907 with a 450-year old secret sausage recipe and the American dream. Mr. Perri shared that secret in his restaurants and across grocery stores, and it quickly became a fixture at tables across the East Coast. Even today, we can’t tell you the secret, but we can tell you one thing. You’re going to love every bite.

Perri Sweet Italian Sausage packaged product

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